XML Outsourced Conversion Services

Highest Value Conversion Services In The Industry

  • Uncertain how to handle your growing list of submissions due?
  • Need more capacity or capabilities then your current staff or vendors provide?

There is a solution. By choosing ThinSpring, you will get help from a conversion services provider with solid experience, having converted thousands of Industry XML formatted submissions. You will solve your conversion challanges immediately. The combination of our industry experience, technical expertise and superior customer service ensures a smooth submission schedule. And, if you choose, you will be ahead of the curve when it comes time to bring creation, validation and submission of XML based submissions in-house.

XML Standards and Mandates Supported

  • Structured Product Labeling (SPL) Release 4 (R4)
  • Medical Product Information (MPI) SPL R5
  • eXtended EudraVigilance Product Report Messaging (XEVPRM)

ThinSpring provides you with a powerful set of solutions for your regulatory compliance success. Quality outsourced conversion services today and a clear migration path to a powerful internally implemented software solution tomorrow if so desired.

  • Does your conversion services vendor provide a warranty period through FDA approval - at not cost?
  • Does your conversion services vendor help track your submission through Agency database publication?
  • Does your conversion services provider have a migration path for you to move from an outsourced conversion service to an internally implemented solution?

Combining the power of ThinSpring's pharmaceutical industry experience and Web 2.0 technology, ThinSpring helps simplify your path to SPL compliance by providing the highest quality conversion and software solutions.

Because of our unique range of services and tools, ThinSpring has the flexibility to offer you the optimum submission solution for your business needs - now and in the future.

  Key Features:
  Create and/or Verify FPI / Highlights Text / Highlights Codes  
  Character translation accuracy
  Tier one (HL7) and tier two (FDA)
Structured Product Labeling (SPL) file
type validation
  Reorder and rename sections per guidance  
  Create valid non-narrative
header information
  Include LOINC codes and ensure element-by-element medical code compliance  
  Convert chemistry objects  
  Convert tables to valid schema objects  
  Convert lists to valid schema objects  
  Create manufactured product drug
listing data
  Identify typos, missing information and format issues